Sackbut Music, LLC (ASCAP) publishes and distributes the music of Frank Darmiento. It also represents Frank Darmiento to music groups as a performer, composer, arranger and conductor. Frank’s highly regarded jazz CD, Sudden Impact, was produced by Sackbut Music and is distributed by Summit Records. 

Music Available from Sackbut Music

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Concerto for Alto Trombone

Catalogue No.: SR1001 

Duration: 15 min. 

Composer: Frank Darmiento 

Description: A striking contemporary solo piece for alto trombone and chamber orchestra. Available with piano reduction score; 3 movements: Allegro energico; Adagio; and Vivace  

Instrumentation: Solo alto trombone, Fl. 1, Fl. 2 & Pic., Ob. 1, Ob. 2, Cl. 1 (Bb), Cl. 2 (Bb), Bsn. 1, Bsn. 2: Hn. 1 (F), Hn. 2 (F): Tpt. 1 (Bb), Tpt. 2 (Bb): 1 Percussion, Timpani: Violin 1 (8), Violin 2 (8), Viola (6), Cello (5), Bass (4)

Price: $205.00

Solo alto trombone part with orchestra piano reduction score

Price: $35

Duality: Concerto for Oboe, Bassoon & Orchestra

Catalogue No.: SR1014 

Duration: 25 min. 

Composer: Frank Darmiento Description: One of the few pieces in the repertoire for oboe, bassoon and full orchestra, this piece offers technical, yet playable challenges for the soloists. It features melodic passages and contemporary harmonies. Three movements: Andante misterioso; Adagio pensieroso; Allegro agitato.

Instrumentation: Solo Oboe, Solo Bassoon, Fl. 1, Fl. 2, Ob. 1, Ob. 2, Cl. 1 (Bb), Cl. 2 (Bb), Bsn. 1, Bsn. 2: Hn. 1 (F), Hn. 2 (F), Hn. 3 (F), Hn. 4 (F), Tpt. 1 (Bb), Tpt. 2 (Bb), Tpt. 2 (Bb), Tbn. 1, Tbn. 2, Tbn. 3 (bass), Tuba, Timpani, Mallets (bells & xylophone), Percussion (4), Harp: Violin 1 (10), Violin 2 (10), Viola (8), Cello (6), Bass (4)

Price: $250.00